Chinook Blast Puppet Channel

CAOS has curated a selection of  40+ short family-friendly puppet and mask performances to watch while your toes defrost.

Canada Learning Bond

Get money after high school to help with school!

Puppet Making with CAOS

4 short non-verbal folk tales created for all ages.
Performed in senior centers around Calgary as part of CAOS’s pandemic response.

Blackfoot Language Arts Residency

Learn Blackfoot from your home!

Chinook Blast Puppet Channel

40+ family-friendly videos to watch while warming up after visiting Chinook Blast!

Dolly Wiggler Cabaret

An online, adults-only night of awesome.
March25-27 8:00 pm  $10 Order online

Canada Learning Bond

Get money to help with your education after high school!

Blackfoot Language Residency

F.P. Walshe Grade 9 students created animated videos to help you learn Blackfoot!

CAOS Dell’Arte Scholarship

A scholarship for Canadian artists to attend Dell’Arte International School

Spirit of White Buffalo

Born in jail, now free to roam the earth, catch Spirit of White Buffalo at a gathering near you.

Lilly in the Lab

Lilly is a larger-than-life creature that animates and invigorates festivals and events with her giant fun presence.

CAOS in the School

Let your imagination run wild with ridiculously fun artist residency programs.

CAOS Butterflies

Gentle, delicate giant puppets appear mysteriously at events, gatherings, and celebrations to bring colour and hope.

Spirit of the Bluebird

An animated tribute to Aboriginal mother and grandmother Gloria Black Plume-Bird.

Paper Mask Making

A fun hands-on mask-making activity for all ages.