CAOS Community Outreach Initiative

Introducing the CAOS Community Outreach Initiative 2015

As a Donor to the CAOS Community Outreach Initiative, you make it possible for (disadvantaged) low-income individuals and families to attend performances, films, cultural gatherings, workshops and skill-building classes.

The initiative encourages purchase of ticket passes and cooperates with social agencies serving families in need, youth at risk, elders and new immigrants whom might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend arts events.

With exception of the fundraiser and cabaret, passes provide recipients free entry to their choice of a performance, screening, or learning component at the 2015 International Festival of Animated Objects.

Our Community Liaison is pleased to help match your donation with an affiliated community or group, or can facilitate gift-giving for an existing relationship, on your behalf.

A minimum donation of twenty-five dollars allows for a single-ticket purchase while bundles of four or more are available at a reduced price of twenty-two dollars each.

Donors will be gratefully recognized at the festival venues, on the recipient ticket passes, on our website and of course through our social media network.

CAOS is a registered non-profit charitable organization. Tax receipts are available upon request.

Contact our office for more detail and / or make your donation online!

Thank you to the following donors!



The Calgary Animated Objects Society (CAOS) curates diverse and entertaining works from around the world with presentations for audiences and educational opportunities for participants of all ages. Local and international artists enliven mask and puppetry, radicalize dance and musical theatre, and are especially well-suited for youth and young adults. From raw physical theatrical innovation to refined choreography, on stage as well as new media and film, to exploring contemporary approaches to vaudeville and meaningful renewal of indigenous traditions: The International Festival of Animated Objects (IFAO) is the only one of it’s kind in the region and remains unique as an established presenting partner in Canada’s performing arts industry.

Did you know?

The animation of objects extends from the wearer of the mask to the commandeering of puppets made of socks or hung by strings. The ancient art of endowing things with life and purpose includes automata, foolery, illusion and magical mischief. Dolls, moving sculptures, talking creatures, costumed set-pieces, staged performance rites and rituals are both honoured and tested at this biannual jubilee. Sometimes re-imagined today as stop-motion video, live action film, and a myriad of genre-bending forms and situations yet to be named. IFAO programming expands upon the hallmarks of physical theatre and forays into the twenty-first century with the same inspirited aim to awaken, express and delight.

2015 Recipient Affiliates

The Alex Youth Health Centre

Aboriginal Students Program
Metis Calgary Family Services