Put CAOS in your school

Put CAOS in your school

Let your imagination run wild with a ridiculously fun CAOS Media Art Residency. Create short videos using simple animation techniques, puppetry, and live action. Tackle curriculum goals and gain hands-on experience with technology. Working with a single class, or the...

CAOS Book Launch

Pick up this astonishing collection of photographic portraits of the brightest lights in the world of puppetry, mask, and animated objects. Photographer Sean Dennie takes you behind the mask to meet the person behind the art. Who’s the Puppet Now? is a beautiful hard-bound book comprised of over 100 imaginative and revealing portraits, captured by Dennie during six IFAO from 2002-2013. Artists’ thoughts, words, and philosophies accompany the stunning photography.

WP Puppet Theatre Learning Component

WP PUPPET THEATRE is pleased to coordinate IFAO’s Learning Component. This is a wonderful opportunity for artists, educators, students, activists, and professionals to gain fascinating behind-the-scenes knowledge.