Handmade Puppet Dreams

March 29-April 11
Online screening
Dreamscapes (General Audience 13+) $10 – buy tickets at Eventbrite
Kidscapes (Family-friendly package) $10 – buy tickets at Eventbrite

Two streaming packages of puppetry from independent artists curated by Heather Henson. Watch anytime between March 29-April 11.

A part of Heather Henson’s Ibex Puppetry, Handmade Puppet Dreams is a traveling film series that promotes independent artists exploring their handmade craft specifically for the screen. These films all focus on real-time puppetry, and allow artists to build their vision, and then breathe life into their dreams. Founded in 2004, Handmade Puppet Dreams have set out to showcase a new generation of puppeteers and puppet artists who embrace film as a medium for artistic expression.

Watch Kidscapes in Nanton on a Grain Elevator!

April 2 & 3 8:00 PM

The Films

Cone of Shame (Dreamscapes / Kidscapes)

Stacey Weingarten & Randall S. Overland

Hamlin (Dreamscapes)

Jerrell L. Henderson

The Memory Trade (Dreamscapes)

Jon Riddleberger

Gut Feelings (Dreamscapes)

Vanessa Valliere & John Gregorio

There Is (Kidscapes)

Mary Dickins

Marianne's Onion (Dreamscapes)

Alex & Olmstead

Playing Opossum (Dreamscapes)

Julie Elkins

Goodnight Shadow (Dreamscapes)

Myra Su

Ghost Friend Monster Friend (Kidscapes)

Micha Rev Griffin (Age 4)

Hopeful Cat (Kidscapes)

Kanja Chen

Our Mine (Dreamscapes)

Shayna Strype

The Moon is Cheese (Dreamscapes / Kidscapes)

Eric Wright

HAM (Dreamscapes / Kidscapes)

Rudy Martinez

Birthday Card (Kidscapes)

Patrick Johnson

Hope (Kidscapes)

Jamie Donmoyer