February 1 – March 30
+15 Window Galleries
EPCOR Centre for Performing Arts

Four local artists inhabit +15 gallery windows animating the theme of Conflict/Resolution, bringing the process of animating into the public realm, peeling back the layers of what it takes to create this labour intensive form of media art, and displaying the process as the artwork itself.

In this digital age of perceptual deception, fakery through special effects software gives almost anyone the ability to make artificially generated images look more real than real with the mere click of a pixel. There is something magical about real, tangible objects being brought to life by the unseen hand of a skilled animator and storyteller. There is a hunger to see the trace of human fingerprints on art.

For all six festival incarnations CAOS has partnered with the artist-run galleries and Epcor Centre to put on group exhibitions & installations in the +15 Window Galleries. We appreciate their support and sense of adventure.

Ryan Von HagenCiclo Vital – Ryan Von Hagen

Exploring the idea of people worshipping nature by representing it with man-made symbols and objects, Ryan Von Hagen incorporates numerous digital animations projected on three- dimensional painted objects in a process that slowly builds over the weeks in Marion Nicoll +15 Gallery. A looping narrative of several morphing anima- tions depicts confusion, suffering, emotion, and faith. This piece is a fur- ther exploration of Von Hagen’s interest in the way spirituality and hope can become imbued in man-made creations, such as the Holy Ka’aba, or Noble Cube in Mecca

Ryan Von Hagen has a BFA in Media Arts + Digital Technology from ACAD. He is a collaborator with many other artists and musicians, and explores the importance of fusing video pro- jections to sonic environments. He focuses on the linear narrative aspect of video-making, believing that every scene has the potential to portray an over-arching emotional theme in many different ways.

LouiseJohnsonInside Voice  - Louise Johnson

Leon and Dennis are two highly opinionated gentlemen who disagree on almost everything, though their discussions are extremely civil. The idea for this film emerged from a thread of abusive comments on a blog post; one commenter ‘shouted,’ “NOBODY EVER CHANGED ANYONE’S MIND BY CALLING THEM A F***ING IDIOT!!”

Both the words and thoughts of the characters are represented visually with object animation in order to draw a sharp contrast between the civility of their behaviour and the incivility of their thoughts.

Using a Canon SLR with Take5 capture software in the Stride +15 Gallery, Johnson expertly animates sand on and around the objects, using its tex- ture, limited palette and malleability for fluid transitions between objects as they go from speech to thought during the discourse of the characters.

Louise Johnson has worked as an animator/director in many animation techniques and media. She has directed two films for the National Film Board of Canada and animated on television series, commercials, docu- mentaries and most recently on the world’s first sand animation TV series The Sand Pixies.

LindsaSorellA Lonely Mountain – Lindsay Sorell

Examining the universal conflict of romance, Lindsay Sorell animates a heart-aching love story between a mountain and the sky, night and day. Animating in The New Gallery +15 window with a pile of dirt in a space the width of your shoulders, Sorell’s mountain searches for a resolution, her night tries to become one with day. In Sorell’s world, there is finality in the separation, mutuality in the differ- ence. There is nowhere to go. Conflict is something, a constant and beautiful oscillation, resolution is nothingness.

Lindsay Sorell studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design, received her BFA in Drawing from the Alberta College of Art and Design, and currently lives and works in Calgary, AB. She recently interned with ACAD’s Artist-in-Residence Travis Kirton devel- oping the coding umbrella C4, and participated as an artist in the Calgary Biennial, Emmedia’s BYOB 2, and the EPCOR CENTRE’s Soundasaurus. She also writes websites and video games.

Brian_Batista_1_Conflict_ResolutionIn the Beginning – Brian Batista

Exploring themes of conflict/resolution, chaos and order, birth and death, Brian Batista invites you to peek into his light-controlled studio environment in Untitled Arts +15 Gallery. Batista’s interest in myth, storytelling and folk- lore is expressed in a fusion of east meets west, depicting images of the sacred. Emphasizing creation mythology and cyclical transformation, Batista uses a complex system of layered stop motion puppetry and time-lapse photography to illuminate themes from his sacred painting series.

Brian Batista aspires to create works of ultimate beauty, beauty that elevates and illuminates our everyday existence. His artistic inspiration stems from a deep and profound curiosity in spirituality and mysticism. He has a passion for the history, art and science of animation and is an educator in animation techniques and After Effects motion graphics with ACAD and Quickdraw Animation Society.

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Artist: Various
Series: Exhibition
Venue: +15 Galleries
Duration: Feb 1 – March 30
Recommended Age: All ages
Price: Free

Members: please call 403-266-1503 to book your tickets over the phone.
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