White Like Me: A Honky Dory Puppet Show

March 12 9:30 PM
March 13 7:00 PM

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Cash at door only, no latecomers

The white man cometh…

A satirical exploration of the archetypal Caucasian, White Like Me tells the tale of White-Man from the planet Caucazoid, who travels through space to enjoy many adventures on Earth; spreading his ‘civilizing’ across the United States and becoming the philanthropist Santa Claus. After joining the Tea Party, White-Man comes to the startling realization that, by 2042, he will be the minority in the U.S.  What will White-Man do?White_Like_Me_Paul_Zaloom

Zaloom employs the drawing room medium of toy theatre with his gigantic collection of knick-knacks, brica-a-brac, tiny toys, and other weird junk, plus his creepy Ventriloquist dummy sidekick, Butch Manly.  White Like Me uses hi-def video projections so that the audience can clearly experience the tiny puppet mayhem. Created by Paul Zaloom, directed by Randee Trabitz, designed, rigged and co-written by Lynn Jeffries. (Butch Manly travels in the passenger section of the airplane, by the way).

Artist: Paul Zaloom
Series: Mainstage
Venue: Festival Hall
Duration: 65 min
Recommended Age: 14 +
Price: $30 / $25

Members: please call 403-266-1503 to book your tickets over the phone.
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