Cinemagic Projector Art


March 15 1:30 pm

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Tickets also available at the venue 1 hour before showtime. Cash only. No latecomers please.

Explore the roots of moving image artistry before the digital age with handcrafted effects created in-camera, or live on-camera. Develop a visceral connection to your film by manipulating the essences of cinema: light and perspective. Cinemagician Berny Hi demonstrates unique, organic and evocative effects through manually controlled camera and projection techniques, augmented with warped glass and other cinemagic tricks.

Berny Hi focuses on a unique approach to storytelling involving the manipulation of multiple projected moving images on Super 8mm / 16mm celluloid through warped glass and prisms. Recent screenings include Véronique à Vélo, a multi-award winning b&w 16mm film that pays homage to the French New Wave Cinema.


Artist: Berny Hi
Series: Workshop
Venue: Lantern Church - Lower Hall
Duration: 120 min
Recommended Age: 14 +
Price: $55 / $45

Members: please call 403-266-1503 to book your tickets over the phone.
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