Ronnie Burkett Hand Puppet!

Winning bid: $347.00


Don’t be fooled by this little guy’s sleepy eyes because this is a once in a lifetime limited edition item that is essential for any true collectors collection. This Ronnie Burkett hand puppet will astound your friends and delight your young.

Don’t be fool and miss out on owning a piece of Canadian puppeteering history.



Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: Bradley

Date Bid User Auto
2015-03-17 11:21:54$347.00Bradley
2015-03-17 11:12:37$337.00katemcgillis
2015-03-17 10:45:41$321.00Bradley
2015-03-17 10:00:26$310.00katemcgillis
2015-03-16 15:33:43$300.00Bradley
2015-03-15 14:10:35$235.00katemcgillis
2015-03-15 06:43:04$225.00Bradley
2015-03-13 11:11:37$115.00grant
2015-03-13 10:47:28$105.00jxwieser
2015-03-13 10:44:31$95.00grant
2015-03-13 10:41:22$85.00jxwieser
2015-03-12 16:03:52$75.00grant
2015-03-11 13:21:55$55.00shannonintheleaves
2015-03-10 00:00Auction started


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