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HMPD Volume VI 
Wed, March 11, 7 pm, (85 min), 14+

HMPD “Best of” Collection:
Wed, March 11, 9:30 pm (60 min) 14+

Curated by Heather Henson (USA), Handmade Puppet Dreams produces DIY puppet films focusing on real time puppetry performed specifically for the camera.

Heather Henson

The youngest of Jim and Jane Henson’s five children, Heather curates and distributes the HMPD film series, produces the annual Orlando Puppet Festival, creates original environmental theatre spectacles and has a variety of on-screen appearances in major movies. She’s also involved in Puppet Slam, an online networking resource connecting puppeteers and venues.

Colosse‘Colosse’ Dir. Yves Geleyn – ‘Colosse is a giant wooden robot puppet who doesn’t know his own strength, much less what his strings are up to. In this short film, the director explores his childhood obsession with puppets and all things robotic.




Finger-Puppets-Everywhere‘Finger Puppets Everywhere’ Dir. Laura Heit – Indulge your inner lagomorph with these films featuring handmade finger puppets.





All-This-Joy‘All this Joy’ Dir. Jesse Garrison – This music video is an enthusiastic indie-folk tale about coming of age and living with spontaneity, courage, and hope. The creators incorporate elements such as puppetry, animation, and performance.




Mountain-Goat‘Mountain Goat’ Dir. Jamie Shannon – An excerpt from the award-winning Canadian preschool series NANALAN.




Sure-Sheep‘The Sure Sheep’ Dir. John Kennedy – Tad the lost sheep learns to overcome his shyness when he joins Handley Sheep Farm. When Tad gets his big break in a commercial he lets the whole flock rock in his catchy TV spot.




Eat-Your-Vegetables‘Eat Your Vegetables’ Dir. Jamie Shannon – An excerpt from the award-winning Canadian preschool series NANALAN.




Milano‘Milano’ Dir. Bradley Kemp – A fun creation from Sesame Street puppeteer Leslie Carerra-Rudolph. Fiveyear-old Lolly enters a cookie-induced dream about Milano, Italy, where she discovers some delicious treats…



Mother-Hubbard_Table-for-Two‘Mother Hubbard: Table for Two’ Dir. Paul Andrejco – Mother Hubbard and Toby call a cab, but get an out-of this-world experience.




Graveyard-Jamboree‘Graveyard Jamboree’ Dir. Seamus Walsh & Mark Caballero – An old record by Harry Reser and his Radio All-Star Novelty Orchestra inspired Graveyard Jamboree. The creators’ unique approach combines the whimsy of classic cartoons with the texture and dimensionality of puppetry.




‘Piano Mouths’ Dir. Jeanne Stern – The title says it all! A lighthearted musical interlude from the creator of Les Malaventures de Zut-Alors.

‘Mother Hubbard’ Dir. Paul Andrejco  – Mother Hubbard fetches some food for her dog, Toby, but is in for a nasty surprise.

‘Mother Hubbard: Anonymous Tip’ Dir. Paul Andrejco – Toby the dog is on the run from the law.

‘Mother Hubbard: Easy Come, Easy Goat’ Dir. Paul Andrejco – Toby finds a kindred spirit in a money-hungry goat.

‘Robot Adventures on Planet Earth’ Dir. Curtis Wiebe – Robots. Earth. Adventures. Cheese and fun!

‘Mother Hubbard: Last Rites’ Dir. Paul Andrejco – A priest is jilted by canine trickery.

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February 4, 2015