Puppet Tales by CAOS

Puppet Tales by CAOS

Catch Puppet Tales by CAOS in person – 2 shows for the public!

Come down to the Riverwalk by Sidewalk Citizen, and catch Puppet Tales by CAOS.
Saturday Sept 5
2pm and 3pm (Show length: 15 minutes)
Riverwalk near 618 Confluence Way SE

Suitable for all ages. Non-verbal.
Admission by donation
Performers will pass the hat after the show.

4 short non-verbal folk tales created for all ages. Performed in senior centers around Calgary as part of CAOS’s pandemic response.

Devised and performed by Ellis Lalonde and Toby Duska, two of CAOS’s Community Program Artists, with technical support by S.L. Baker, and admin support by Claudia Chagoya.

15-20 minutes

Physical distancing and health protocols maintained.

Puppets by Ellis Lalonde, Toby Duska, Juanita Dawn, and Xstine Cook

If you would like Puppet Tales by CAOS to visit your community contact us  at puppetflogger@animatedobjects.ca

Artist Bios

Ellis Lalonde is a puppeteer whose work you may remember from various Dolly Wiggler Cabarets and Loose Moose Theatre children’s shows. He was also featured in the pilot episode of Kujo’s Kid Zone as Kweku the Owl.
He hopes it stops Coviding soon.

Toby Duska has a background in technical art, theatre, and animation. He recently completed a three-year intensive study of technical, theoretical, and political art, and you may have encountered him in the old world as an animation instructor at Quickdraw Animation Society.

Claudia Chagoya is an interdisciplinary artist from Mexico, whose artistic practice explores topics related to gender violence and her socio-political background, through the use of materials rooted in Mexican culture tied to various rituals such as: rebozos, salt, copal and sawdust.

Baker is an illustrator, animator and stop-motion artist, with a Bachelor of Design from AU Arts. https://slbakertheillustra.wixsite.com/portfolio