Spooky and Beautiful

March 29-April 11
Online screening
$10 – buy tickets at Eventbrite

A streaming package of late-night horror-themed shorts from around the world. Watch anytime between March 29-April 11.

Curated by Amber Twoyoungmen, this ghoulishly delightful program fuses a love of the horror genre with the magic of stop-motion and puppetry to create this terrifyingly perfect collection of shorts from around the world.

Presented by Calgary Animated Objects Society in partnership with the Festival of Animated Objects

Spooky and Beautiful

Streaming March 29-April 11

The Films

Bigfoot Love

Alessia Cecchet, Joshua Dean Tuthill, Italy/USA

A forest, a hunter, a groan.

Orpheus Meets Cerebus

Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Australia

A combination of stop-animation, sculpture and live action were used to create this meeting of the Ancient Greek bard Orpheus with the 3-headed monstrous guardian of the Gates to Tartarus (the Underworld). The Guide between, three-faced Hekate, is also encountered where Three Roads Meet…


Marianna Atlas, Poland

An interpretation of the legend of Faust, based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Faust”, where an alchemist trying to find a meaning of life signs a deal with the devil. Animation refers to German Expressionism movement.

Salon Gloria

Fabio Thieme, Germany

Salon Gloria follows a mannequin come-to-life along a nightly boulevard. In between highlighted store windows and Japanese Bunraku theatre, the installation explores topics of desire, contemplation and advertising.

Say Hello to the Man

Amy Baker, UK

A young girl is targeted after being encouraged by her mother to, “Say hello to the man. “Visceral, fragmented and disturbing is the journey around the mind of a twisted character. A stop-motion experimental horror using archive footage.

Hexas Interruptus

J.M.K. Futrell, USA

A witch has her nice relaxing evening ruined by a willful wizard.


Alfonso Moreno, Spain

A dystopian glimpse into the fall of contemporary western society by Madrid punk band A.C.T., animated and directed by 21 year Minneapolis resident Alfonso Cronopio.

The Mother of all Flowers

Merve Caydere Dobai, Turkey

The Mother of All Flowers is a Middle Eastern war story from the eyes of a little girl.  A mother and her daughter run a small flower shop, a war breaks out in their homeland. The mother uses shadow puppets to comfort her daughter and distract her from the war going on outside. They are just getting accustomed to the jets constantly flying above their home, when one morning, their lives would change forever. But is there any hope?

Haunted Swordsmen

Kevin McTurk, USA

A lone samurai and his odd companion, a cursed severed head, seek vengeance in a haunted world. The Haunted Swordsman is a live action samurai tale that utilizes 36 inch tall bunraku puppets, animation, and traditional in-camera effects.

The Curator

Amber Twoyoungmen is a storyteller and a young leader. She is one of the founding members of the Nakoda AV Club, an arts collective that works to promote storytelling through film on the Nakoda reserves. She is the first female film director from her Nation, and as such, is an inspiration to other young women struggling to succeed. Amber is also a musician, composing the scores for her short films, and an artist specializing in animation. Amber is also an important member of her family, and she takes pride in her role as a caretaker and mentor to her young relations. Her family and her culture are very important to her, and they are part of everything she does. Amber’s practice as an artist has recently grown to include arts administration and she has been supporting the Nakoda AV Club and its members on several projects in this way.

Curator’s Statement
Some of my best childhood memories are of watching horror films with my mom. Those experiences brought my mom and I closer together, and also fostered my lifelong love of all things spooky. It’s actually a really common fascination among Indigenous people, and as much as I’d like to think that is because generations of Indigenous parents watched horror films with their kids, I know it comes from a different intergenerational situation. Horror helps me navigate and process some of the trauma and tragedy in my own life, largely the result of ongoing colonialism and its long-term impacts. When people have been impacted by tragedies, sometimes watching films that center horrific experiences can help create pathways to shared community, and foster a language of understanding.

The visual culture of horror was really important to me especially as a teen. I loved dressing like a zombie girl, or a black cat, even when just going to the mall. Now that I’m growing into my healing journey in more intentional ways, I don’t dress to match my mood as much but I still love the ways that horror looks and feels. There are many different shades of darkness, and I hope that this package helps you see the beauty there. If not, maybe you’ll find something else here that you need. Enjoy, and don’t be shy to sleep with a night light tonight if you need to! (This package is intended for teens and above).

The Filmmakers

Alessia Cecchet & Joshua Dean Tuthill

Alessia Cecchet & Joshua Dean Tuthill


Alessia Cecchet and Joshua Dean Tuthill are makers of moving images whose work has been screened internationally. Big{foot} Love is the first work as a duo.

Marianna Atlas

Marianna Atlas


Marianna Atłas – born in 1993 in Warsaw, Poland. Freelance artist and a graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Works in the fields of animation, graphic arts, design, drawing and painting.

Fabio Theime

Fabio Theime


Fabio Thieme is a Director and video artist. Has has worked and studied literature and theatre in London, Rome and Berlin. In 2018 he has founded Serkalo Filmproduktion in Berlin and exhibited his films internationally. His work maintains a performative aspect which does not hide the process of creation itself. 

Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule

Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule


Orryelle is a visual and sonic artist in many media inc. performance, film, dance, voice, violin, painting & sculpture. Director of the Metam Orphic Ritual Theatre Company who have put on many original productions around Europe, UK, US and Aust. Author-Artist of the Tela Quadrivium series of hardback alchemical art-books published by Fulgur (UK) from 2008-2015. Based 2018-2019 in Belgium where he began to create an esoteric sculpture-park of larger-than-human-size deity statues, til trapped 2020 by Corvid in Australia where he recently completed his first feature film ‘Solve et Coagula’.

Amy Baker

Amy Baker


Amy Baker is a stop-motion animator/filmmaker based in Bristol, England.Her work is varied and distinctive, ranging from light-hearted children’sanimation to the disturbing nightmarish realm of her recent graduate film. Amy’s love for sound, dance and outsider art is made clear through her work,creating a unique and ambient style. She is currently working on a few independent productions and is a writer for Skwiggly animation magazine.

Merve Caydere Dobai

Merve Caydere Dobai


Merve Caydere Dobai is an animation director, designer, and model maker specializing in stop-motion animation. Her background includes architecture, film, miniature effects. Her most recent credit is Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio as a set designer.

Kevin McTurk

Kevin McTurk


A creature effects artist, cinematographer, model maker, and puppeteer, Kevin McTurk has been working in the effects industry for over 20 years, working on many films, including Batman Returns, Interview with a Vampire, the Jurassic Park trilogy, The Aviator, Shutter Island, and Hugo.  His latest live action puppet film, The Haunted Swordsman, is playing festivals worldwide and has won over thirty festival awards.

J.M.K. Futrell

J.M.K. Futrell


J. M. K. Futrell is a San Antonio-based puppeteer and filmmaker who makes fun films with his partner, Selina Ortiz Futrell, and their cat, Kitty.

Alfonso Cronopio

Alfonso Cronopio


Alfonso Cronopio is a multifaceted artist from Madrid, Spain, who moved to the US in the XXI century.