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Our residency focus is on child-created work. Our processes celebrate children’s unique perspectives and encourage their individual artistic expression within a team setting. We do not follow a set program to which children must conform. Instead, we work with the school to tailor the residency to the needs and interests of students and teachers.


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At Earl Grey School, both projects with CAOS were amazing.  Not only did they help us create two legacy projects – one commemorating our school’s 100th anniversary, and one showcasing our involvement in the 7 Habits for Highly Successful Students – students  became confident in using different forms of animation in their learning.  CAOS artists worked collaboratively with teachers to create varied animation projects based on each class’s individual curricular needs.  Activities and skill development were differentiated to accommodate for students individual needs.

Diane Kamitakahara

Principal, Earl Grey Elementary

The team extended students by challenging the boundaries of production, using their expertise to extend creativity and offering possibilities not yet considered. Students assessed their own work against chosen criteria and made final decisions on what was included and what was cut from films. The project required groups of students and their whole class to work together collaboratively to make artistic decisions.
Carrie Dayman

Principal, Elbow Park School

Xstine ran an outstanding residency with our students. She facilitated learning around student identity. Learning was personalized to students and their ability levels. As the masks are actually formed on students’ faces they felt a deep connection to the work. Xstine had some excellent work around projects for some of our students who were not able to put the mask material on their faces. As the activity was so engaging all our students were excited to participate and were engaged and challenged.

Marie Bowen

Principal, Sunalta School

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Dedicated to the arts of mask, puppetry and animated objects, Calgary Animated Objects Society is a non-profit charitable group running since 2003 in Calgary, Alberta.