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Seniors Showtime with CAOS

A mask workshop geared toward seniors and care homes.

On the tale end of the COVID-19 lockdown, resident CAOS creators Tia DeLauria and Jocelyn Mah created a two-session Mask and Theatre workshop geared toward residents in care homes and seniors facilities. 

With the guidance of Alice Nelson and Chrystene Ells, the hour long sessions encourage movement, memory and imagination as the facilitators lead activities.

The first session acts as a getting-to-know-you time to get attendees comfortable and open up to the planned exercises. It begins with a short performance of two scenes from the Mask Tales series. Next, using the benefit of the sense of smell, the group explores memories associated to attendees favourite smells, acting out the events we remember. 

The second session begins with the third instalment of the Mask Tales performance followed by activities that revolve around the attendees creating a version of their own mask. Using pre-made facial features and face shields, the attendees are encouraged to create a character in a show-and-tell style performance for the group to enjoy. 

Delivered to groups across the city, contact us to see if our workshops would do well in your community! 


Jocelyn - The Discovery - Senior Workship