S is for Storytelling

Mama Starfish tells Baby Starfish her favourite story about Silky the Seal playing tag with her friends. Hilda the Hammerhead and Jelly Jellyfish get Silky into a bit of trouble, but the friends help each other to sort it out.

S is for Storytelling was commissioned by Sesame Street for Season 47 and was written and animated by The Bum Family, using hand made paper cut-out puppets. S is for Storytelling was produced by Xstine Cook and CAOS and was shot at Quickdraw Animation and Emmedia studios in Calgary, with production assistance from Tyler K. Longmire. Soundtrack by Jonathan Lewis.

The Bum Family is a group of Canadian cousins, Maezy, Medina and Zaiyah Dennie, and Berlin, Ocean and Sol Demuth, who create anarchy, hilarity and art with their moms, (who are sisters), Heather and Xstine Cook.  They’ve been making films together since 2010.

Known for cut-out animated films that they make collaboratively, The Bum Family’s work has screened at over 100 film festivals all over the world, and has won awards and nominations for their films’ bright fresh style and wacky humour.

Production anecdote: The Bum Family first pitched “P is for Painting” to Sesame Workshop, which featured a pig and a penguin painting in contrasting styles.

About Us

Dedicated to the arts of mask, puppetry and animated objects, Calgary Animated Objects Society is a non-profit charitable group running since 2003 in Calgary, Alberta.