A Music - Movement - Mask Collab

Music as Puppetry is a 30-minute original collaborative creation for all ages incorporating mask, music, and movement.  The artists originally drew inspiration from a manuscript of philosophy of music theory and composition published in 1682, wherein the author, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, describes their interpretation of the quality of each musical scale. Each section features an original composition and choreography preceded by an exposition of the musical scale, each note of the scale is choreographed to a specific physical movement, thus, musical puppetry. 

For more information or to book Music as Puppetry for your event or festival, please contact CAOS here.

Jocelyn Mah by Gbohunmi

Jocelyn Mah

Jocelyn Mah (dance artist) is  a graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in addition to holding a Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance from London Contemporary Dance School. She performs, creates and teaches through the arts of dance, mask and puppetry.


James Watson

James Watson is a professional freelance musician (composer/violinst) graduating from the University of Calgary (Bachelors of Music, Minor of Linguistics) in 2020.

Together as a collaborative duo they completed a residency at The cSPACE Neighbourhood Hub where they composed and choreographed Music As Puppetry using our joint vocabulary of contemporary and folk/jazz idioms. The piece has since been performed at Common Ground Festival and Calgary Folk Music Festival.