Vulture and the Bear

What happens when a lazy bird makes a deal with a bear, and doesn’t keep his word? Find out in this short animation of a traditional Anishnabae story told by elder James Whitehawk.

Directed by Xstine Cook
Paintings by Anishnabae painter Jerry Tony
Story interpretation by Xstine Cook, Katharina Schier, Mauve Martineau.
Cut-out artwork by Mauve Martineau and S.L. Baker

In Production

We’re super stoked gifted stop-motion animator and artist S.L. Baker is helping to take on bringing Vulture and Bear into the next stage of realization.

Check out Baker’s rough animation test to see how the paper cut-out puppets Mauve Martineau made are working with Baker’s digital backgrounds. Check out S.L. Baker’s fabulously creepy work!

Jerry Tony

Jerry Tony is a local Anishnabae painter who was commissioned to create paintings of the characters in the story. He gave us permission to turn his paintings into cut-out puppets for this short animation.

You can find Jerry Tony’s paintings for sale at Moonstone Creation Gallery.

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