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Lilly in the Lab
Augmented Reality Adventure

Now Available on Android and iOS

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Welcome to Lilly’s Lab!

We need your help to complete Lilly’s experiment by collecting ingredients. But first we need to get you set up!

Start by downloading our app “Lilly in the Lab” from the Google Play Store  (iOS Coming Soon!)

  • Once the app is downloaded hit the “Play Game” button.
  • The app will ask you for permission to access your device’s location and camera. You will need these features to successfully complete the game.
  • Once you have granted the app permissions you should be able to see through your phone’s camera. 

The first screen you’ll see is the Lilly Placement mode.

  • After clicking through and reading the tutorial, click the “x” to close the speech bubble.
  • Wave your phone around like a wizard until your camera see coloured “planes” on flat surfaces. If you do not see orange planes, you will not see Lilly or the ingredients.
  • When you see the scans on the ground, tap your screen and Lilly will spawn in the location. Lilly will spawn in any location. In your living room, by the Eiffel Tower, anywhere!
  • Once you’ve placed her and you’re happy with where she is, hit the green button on the right side of the screen to lock her in place. If you touch the red button, you’ll remove Lilly and will have to touch the orange planes again to place her.

Once you have Lilly locked in place, you can take pictures with her!

  • When you’re ready, tap the camera icon on the bottom bar to take pictures of her in the community.
  • If you set the permissions correctly when the app first loaded, the images should be saved on your phone.

    *Pro tip
    : For great photos, position the camera with a good background before spawning Lilly. Lilly is random though! She might run away, or be facing away from you.*

Playing Lilly in the Lab:

  • This game is like “Where’s Waldo” when searching for ingredients. You can spawn Lilly anywhere, but you can only find the ingredients in Calgary. (I hear she lost them downtown.)
  • After placing Lilly in the first mode, tap on the game controller to switch to game mode. Lilly should still be hanging out where you left her. 
  • Once in game mode, tap on the compass in the top left corner that says “MAP”. The Map will give you clues as to where you can find an ingredient.
  • When you are in one of the locations located on the map, an angry Fluffle will appear in the top right of the screen saying “YOU ARRIVED”
  • Look up! Soon you will see the ingredients you need to collect. They are not always on the ground.
  • Tap the screen to release a Fluffle. If the Fluffle hits the ingredient, it’ll collect it for you and keep track of how many it has collected. When Fluffle collides with 10 ingredients, you win an ingredient. Ingredients show up on the counter at the bottom of the screen.
  • After collecting ten of two ingredients, the reward will be unlocked and Lilly can complete her experiment!


Post a pic of your friends with Lilly and tag us!