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Blackfoot Animation Project

Phase Two of CAOS’ Blackfoot Animation Residency is a go!
Click the link below to find phase two’s collection of short phrases to be learned.

Congratulations to Celestine Twigg

Friend and collaborator of CAOS, and director of the animated project POOS, and CAOS’s Blackfoot Language Animation Project,
has been awarded an Honorary Recognition of Cultural Carriers by the Canada Council for the Arts. This distinction has been bestowed upon four people whose artistic and cultural endeavours further the use and promotion of Indigenous languages. Congratulations, Celestine.

MONSTR wins at Festivals!

MONSTR is screening at ImagineNative Film and New Media Festival this weekend and recently won a Cadaver Award. With screenings across the country, the awards list grows

Special Events

Festival of Animated Objects logo

Festival of Animated Objects

An annual festival celebrating the variety and wonder of animated object.

Dolly Wiggler Cabaret Logo

Dolly Wiggler Cabaret

An annual Cabaret dedicated to mask and puppet shows for adult audience.


A streaming package of family-friendly shorts from around the world.

CAOS in the Movies

Vulture and the BEar


How do you go on living when everything is taken from you in the blink of an eye? A true story of a young artist who confronts his inner demons while apprenticing with a northwest totem carver after the death of his beloved.


Tank, the eldest of eight siblings, grapples with the memory of the moment his family was torn apart. Foraging for survival alone in a forest, the children fear a dangerous force. But what lurks in the darkness is true evil.
Narrated by Corey Feldman.


After a heist gone wrong and a high-speed chase, this autobiographical account looks at Tank’s time spent as a young offender in a criminal institution. His experiences with beatings and torture at the hands of prison guards during a gruelling, unnerving six-months of involuntary segregation is explored.

hop along hang on

Hop Along Hang On

How do you take back a story you didn’t know was yours? How do you move forward while embracing and understanding your past? Follow Rose the rabbit on a journey as she seeks her way back home.

Johnny Crow Title Card

Johnny Crow

A poetic and transformative journey of a young man’s physical, mental, and spiritual struggle to return to his son through the criminal justice system and the layers of colonization it represents.



Poos (Cat in Blackfoot) will be a Blackfoot language film by Celestine Twigg. This is an animatic, which is the storyboards matched up to the narration. 

Spirit of the Bluebird

Using spray paint on a fence and garage where Aboriginal mother and grandmother Gloria Black Plume was brutally murdered in 1999, Cree artist Jesse Gouchey paints a large scale animation of a bluebird in flight. 

Vulture and the BEar

Vulture and the Bear

What happens when a lazy bird makes a deal with a bear, and doesn’t keep his word? Find out in this short animation of a traditional Anishnabae story told by elder James Whitehawk.

Travelling Shows

CAOS Butterflies

Gentle, delicate giant puppets appear mysteriously at events, gatherings, and celebrations to bring colour and hope.

Mask Tales

A three-scene performance using a combination of theatre and dance to tell stories of discovery

Spirit of the White Buffalo - Image by Sean Dennie

Spirit of White Buffalo

Born in jail, now free to roam the earth, catch Spirit of White Buffalo at a gathering near you.

Lilly in the Lab

Lilly is a larger-than-life creature that animates and invigorates festivals and events with her giant fun presence. 

Blackfoot Language Animation Residency

Sa'ai (Duck) Animated by Mathius, Race, Jared, Brooks (Blackfoot)

Sa’ai (Duck) Animated by Mathius, Race, Jared, Brooks

Both phases of the Blackfoot Language Animation Residency are complete!

Phase 1 covers basic vocabulary and was created by F.P. Walshe Grade 9 students with CAOS and Artistic Director Xstine Cook.

Phase 2 goes over beginner phrases and was animated by a group of selected animators. 

Click the button below to access the courses!  


Iitaamotako. Iitamikoko – Good evening. Good night.) Animated by Ocean Demuth, Danika Duguid & Caroline Humble


Paper Mask Making

A fun hands-on mask-making activity for all ages.

CAOS in the School

Let your imagination run wild with ridiculously fun artist residency programs.

Showtime with Seniors

Drama and theatre workshops catered for Seniors and Care Homes