Blackfoot Language Animation Project

Now you can finally learn Blackfoot Language in the comfort of your own home. 

 In 2020, CAOS began a two-phase Blackfoot Animation Project that combined the creative efforts of the Grade 9 students at F. P. walshe School and a selection of animation artists.

In Phase One, artistic director Xstine Cook and students worked with Blackfoot Language teacher Celestine Twigg and CAOS artists Louise Johnson, Erin Saunders, Medina Dennie, Sean Dennie, Neil Evenson, and Gina Georgousis, to express and animate Blackfoot words.

Thanks to F.P. Walshe teachers Shanan Tynan, Graham MacBean, Randy Bohnet, and FNMI Success Coordinator Sandra Lamouche. Actor Troy Emery Twigg choreographed one of the animations!

Animation brings new way to Blackfoot language classes. – Pikani News

Grade 9s create animated videos – Fort Macleod Gazette

In Phase Two, selected artists were tasked tasked with creating their own short animations after being assigned a phrase in Blackfoot. CAOS offered them online training and coaching to help support their processes. 

After the animations were completed, voiceovers were recorded with Celestine Twigg and Harrison Red Crow.

Both phases of the Blackfoot Language Project were sponsored by Livingston’s Range.

This project was funded by the Government of Canada’s Canada Learning Bond Program and Indigenous Languages in Education from Alberta Education.

Phase One

In Phase One, you’ll be lead through 73 animated videos that teach words from each of the six topics.

  • Colours
  • Food
  • Numbers
  • People
  • Animals
  • Weather

Sponsored by the Government of Canada’s Canada Learning Bond program and Livingstone Range School Division, this in-school residency taught Grade 9 Students at W.P. Walshe the basics of animation.

Phase Two

In Phase Two, you'll be led through 29 animated videos that teach short phrases from each of the five topics

  • Greetings
  • Where Questions
  • Feelings 
  • Verbs
  • Activities

Sponsored by the Government of Canada's Canada Learning Bond program and Livingstone Range School Division, this phase was extended to members of the community. 

Meet the Student Animators of Phase 1

Meet the Animators of Phase 2

Andrew Cormier

assanyellowfoot - blackfoot

Assan Yellowhorn

Brenda Fox

Caroline Humble

Cat Rock (HOFN)

Danika Duguid

Evelyn Delgado

Haniya Abbasi

Iván Olórtegui

Joanne Fisher

Kaja Irwin

Kendra Scully

Leo Wieser

Mackenzie Bedford

Matt Yellowhorn

McLean Miller

Ocean Demuth

Skyler Shepherd

Stephanie Quillams

T. Erin Gruber