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The White Woman



Solitude can be a special place, or a world so small it fits in her suitcase.

Silent, slow and deliberate, steering away from a linear narrative, The White Woman is a poetic and visual performance, without words. Examining the close relationship between performer, object, and viewer, the show centers on a character living in a world filled with puppets, images and allegories. The black-and-white tones inspire layers of meaning while The White Woman shares an intimate moment with you.

Avec La femme blanche, la solitude est un espace privilégié. Avec un silence et une lenteur délibérés, et à des lieux du récit linéaire, La femme blanche est une performance poétique et visuelle, sans paroles.

Magali Chouinard  (Montreal)

A multidisciplinary artist and creator of The White Woman, Magali Chouinard has presented in different festivals worldwide. Teaching arts and scenography for over 25 years, Magali now focuses on puppetry, building, manipulation, and initiation. She uses the poetry of images and puppets to represent a multifaceted human experience.


Artiste multidisciplinaire, Magali Chouinard a créé la femme blanche qu’elle présente dans différents festivals à travers le monde. Elle utilise l’image poétique et la marionnette pour symboliser les multiples expériences de l’intériorité.



On March 15, join Magali Chouinard to learn techniques on giving life and character to a puppet in the workshop Giving Life to Material.




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January 30, 2015